Viral Warts

What are viral warts?
Viral warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) . These are very common especially in children, and can be picked up from contact with infected surfaces (floors, shoes) or infected skin. Viral warts are usually found on the feet, hands or face. They are also more common in traumatised areas (scratching, shaving). Genital warts are also HPV infections but are sexually transmited or from close intimate contact.

Viral warts are infectious and should be treated before it spreads.

What is the treatment for viral warts?
Small warts can be treated with topical medication. Dermatologists usually treat warts with freezing (liquid nitrogen), electrosurgery or laser.

Freezing is done fortnightly for several sessions. Electrosurgery or laser are used for large warts or recurrent warts.