First Visit

On your first scheduled appointment at our clinic, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff at the reception. During the registration process, we will need your personal particulars and basic medical information like any drug allergy. Please update us if there are any new medical information on subsequent visits. For minors less than 21 years of age who may require surgery or laser treatment, we will require the parent or legal guardian to be present for consultation and legal consent.

If you were referred by a doctor, please bring along your referral letter. If you have any medical insurance, please bring along your card or forms to expedite your claim.

During consultation, your dermatologist will assess your skin problems and discuss the medical options with you. It is important that you discuss all your concerns thoroughly with your dermatologist, in order to understand fully your skin problem, the available treatment options and possible complications which may arise.

For most medical skin conditions, topical or oral medications are prescribed. Your dermatologist and clinic staff will explain the indications, dosing instructions and possible side effects with you.

Should you require any procedure like surgery or laser, it may be arranged to be done on the same day as the consultation if time permits. Please let our reception staff know when you making the appointment that you would like the laser or surgery done at the same time so we can schedule more time for you. Alternatively, the procedure may be rescheduled on another day. Sometimes, you may need skin preparation or just some time before making a decision.