What causes facial and leg veins?
Fine spider veins on the face (telangiectasia) can arise due to sun damage and age. Some conditions also may cause more facial veins to appear, such as rosacea (a kind of skin condition), liver disease or prolonged use of steroids. Dilated leg veins are caused by genetic and hormonal factors, increased pressure in the veins from prolonged standing or structural vein problems. Sometimes, investigations may be required to determine the cause.

What is the treatment for veins?
Veins are often removed for cosmetic reasons. Fine veins (telangiectasia) may be removed with intense pulsed light or laser treatment. Sclerotherapy is very effective for leg veins of a certain size. It involves injecting a safe chemical into the vein to “dissolve” it.  Very large leg veins (varicose veins) will require further investigations and more invasive surgical procedures. Your dermatologist will assess the type of veins you have and advise you on the most appropriate treatment.