Skin Laxity

What causes skin laxity?
As we get older, there is natural breakdown of collagen  and elastic fibres in the skin. This causes the skin to lose its firmness and elasticity. These is also sometimes loss of fat or migration downwards. Skin starts sagging over certain areas for example the eyelids, under the eyes (eye bags), the lower cheeks (jowls), and neck.

What is the treatment for skin laxity?
Excess skin is traditionally removed with surgery (for example, face lift, eyelid surgery). If one prefers a non surgical method, skin tightening is another option. Skin tightening uses heat to stimulate contraction of fibrous bands (septae) in the skin, as well as directly stimulate the formation of new collagen. The advantage is very minimal downtime and side effects. This treatment is useful for mild skin laxity to provide some “toning” of the skin, or as a less invasive alternative to surgery.  It can be combined with other treatments like botulinum toxin or filler injections for best results. Your dermatologist will assess you to see if you are suitable for skin tightening.